SkillsTrain London

​About Financial Capability

With increasing financial uncertainty and constant changing economics, it is now more important than ever that young people are prepared to face the financial futures that await them.  Housing costs remain high, both in the mortgaged and private rental sectors and social housing is heading in the same direction, and almost impossible to obtain

Therefore it is vital that young people are primed to handle the financial challenges they will meet.  By being prepared young people will be in a position to avoid many of the pitfalls such as, poor credit, debts, bankruptcy, unpaid bill etc.

SkillsTrain can offer a series of workshops that will develop financial awareness amongst young people, from years 9, through to 6th formers and beyond to address some of the above issues and more.  The workshops will inform and build knowledge around different financial management topics that will be increasingly relevant to young people as they begin their journey into young adults, independent living and more responsibility for their own financial future.  It will inspire and equip them to avoid the pitfalls of debt, manage their finances with more assurance and will enable them to make informed choices when making financial decisions.

The workshops aims are to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Inform and guide
  • Upskill/build capability
  • Emphasise personal responsibility

Employability Skills

The world of work is very competitive and skills set have to be fluid in order to keep abreast of changes in the workplace and securing employment.  For young people leaving education and joining the career/job market for the first time, this can be a period of great uncertainty about their future prospects. Our courses will help to prepare  and equip young people  with the skills and confidence to compete, get ahead, get that job and remain in employment